Enabling Languages

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"Wales is great with languages"

A bilingual country using English and Welsh (a minority language), Wales has had decades of recent experience in enabling bilingual capability, not only in technology but in all aspects of language capability from policy and legislation through to education, terminology and marketing.

The expertise, knowledge and assets that this experience has produced are not only relevant to the Welsh language and bilingual Wales, but to other languages. It is no longer just minority languages that are under threat of digital extinction, and Wales has realised that its collective experience, capability and profile as a global leader in this area is a valuable commodity that can assist other languages and cultures.

The Language Capability Cluster has been formed to enable all private, public and academic sector organisations and individuals to communicate, collaborate and organise themselves around funding and engagement opportunities worldwide.

Being involved in the cluster simply means being part of this communication network and also (though not obligatory), identifying you/your organisation and capabilities in an industry directory that is used to promote the sector for funding and collaboriation opportunities.

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